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Quality. Reliability. Diligence. These are things the customer has a right to expect. At Dan Mills Construction, we are proud to have been serving the Reno/Sparks area, as well as outlying areas since 1990. Whether it is a large tract of homes, a
commercial building, or a custom home, Dan Mills Construction is the right choice for your wood framing needs.

Owners Dan and Alica Mills got their start building complex custom homes in the Lake Tahoe area. Through their hard work,
dedication and a whole lot of business smarts, the company has grown to be one of the largest framing contractors in Reno today. Employing anywhere from 300 to 500 people and building approximately 1200 units a year (depending on the market,) Dan Mills Construction is able to man the largest tracts promptly. High Sierra Lumber (HSL), our onsite affiliate, allows us to provide the most competitive material prices for our clients.

Many of our foremen and employees have been with us for many years. Our company is forward thinking, with employee benefits such as health insurance and a 401k plan available. We are very proud of our safety methods, and have a fall protection system that is second to none. We began wall panel production framing in 2007, with a full shop utilizing the latest technology.

Along with success comes the opportunity to give back. DMC sponsors several sports teams, is a sponsor of the local
Adoption Walk, and gives regularly to many worthy causes such as the Disabled American Veterans. Dan Mills Construction is a progressive, hard working company dedicated to our customers, our employees, and our community.



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